Welcome to the Brandywood Campaign

This campaign is centered around the trading town of Brandywood in the world of Corona. Through our adventures, we will weave the story of three unlikely heroes, linked together by a common thread: they are outcasts. For various reasons, each feels as though they have yet to find a place where they fit in, and endlessly wander the lonely roads of Corona in search of adventure and answers.


The lands surrounding Brandywood boast a variety of races and cultures, but the settlements are predominantly inhabited by Humans. Outside of the settlements, it is quite a different story. The Elves are masters of the wood, the Dwarves and Gnomes lay claim to the mountains, and halfings have settled many of the foothills to the south. Yet other races still wander, searching for places where they might fit in. Half-orcs often find a less than warm welcome in the smaller villages and towns, but are more generally accepted in larger cities.

Magic and Monsters

Most of the people of the Realm accept that magic exists, but it is not common place. Magic scares most, and they tend to associate it with witchcraft and evil workings. At best, a dangerous practice.

The ability to master magic is a rare talent, and those that do possess such skill are not always welcome.

Monsters and magical beasts are known to exist, but superstition and fear keep the common person from venturing into regions where horrors lurk. As such, most exist only in stories and legend.

Other Stuff

Calendars and Timekeeping

House Rules