Location and Description

Located in the north west region of Corona, Brandywood is a small trading town nestled below the foothills of the Lost Peaks where the Lonely River meets up with the trading road. The people of Brandywood are a rugged folk, as is required out in the wilds many days travel from Waterdeep. Out here, the great city of Waterdeep has no hold, and much of the land is untamed. In some places, overrun with orcs and goblins. In other places, things far worse.

The woods to the south and east run along the trade road and eventually link up with the High Forest. Raiding bands of goblins occasionally descend from the Lost Peaks into these woods to ransack travelers along the road to Silverymoon. All who travel this stretch of road, do so with great caution.

To the north lies the Evermoors, a region of bog-pocketed hills, long rolling vistas, rocky ridges and small peaks hiding deposits of valuable ore. Long since abandoned by humanoid settlers, this region is now thought to be infested with Trolls.

For many traveling east along the road, Brandywood marks the end of safe travel until they reach Silverymoon. And for those returning, it marks their successful and safe return from the perils of their trip. For this reason, Brandywood is usually bustling with travelers and the inns stay very busy. The food and drink are hearty, and warm beds ready when available.

Docks are available for those traveling down the Lonely River, but rarely does anyone arrive from upstream—the rapids and eddies east of Brandywood make for unfriendly waters. Only the most skilled rangers occasionally pop out from the foam of the river, usually in very small boats meant only for hunting, trapping and scouting.

Merchants, caravan guards, local craftsfolk, hunters, farmers, and retired adventurers treat the Drunken Knuckle Tavern in Brandywood as a second home. In the tavern’s common room, talk turns to tales of hostile tribes and barrows glimpsed through mists; folk speak warily of goblins in the wood, of the Trolls to the North and of dark magic lurking in the mountains.

With a population of 2,000, Branywood is a large frontier town full of surprises.


1. Town Gates: A large gateway leads under a tall wall and opens onto the streets of Brandywood. Several intense looking guards stand watch at the entrance.

2. South Square: Carts and tents surround a large communal well in the center of this plaza. The citizens of Brandywood bustle about the area, shopping for food, clothing, and crafts.

3. Theodan’s Treasure Trove: A sign bearing the image of a small chest full of coin and the words “Theodan’s” hangs at the front of this store. Windows provide a view of bizarre items, including a shrunken head, candy wrapped in colorful leaves, playing cards, smoking accessories, fancifully decorated tankards, and more.

4. Starra’s Knives: This dimly lit shop smells of oil and steel. The southern wall has a large display containing hundreds of different knives and daggers.

5. Drunken Knuckle Tavern: A sign with a large hand holding an overflowing mug proclaims the nature of this establishment. The tavern’s large common room holds a gregarious group that includes townspeople, hunters, merchants and farmers.

6. Brandywood General: A hanging sign shows this large building to be Brandywood General. From other signs on the storefront, the place appears to carry everyday goods necessary to those living on the frontier.

7. Stables: The earthy scent of hay and manure is strong in this wide building. The whinny of horses and the snort of oxen indicates that the building houses many beasts of burden. Carts, wagons, and other transports are also parked nearby.

8. Lost Peaks Armory: The clank of metal on metal, the hiss of steam, and the roar of flames issues through the open door of this establishment. A hammer and anvil set against a backdrop of mountains decorate a sign hanging over the door.

9. Brandywood Apothecary: A sign displaying several oddly shaped bottles hangs over the door of this shop. A dozen different scents waft through the doorway, including tangy musk, cinnamon spice, orange peel and baking bread.

10. Patrol Headquarters: The symbol of a crossed sword and axe is blazoned high on this building. The clangs of metal and shouts from within indicate a fight might be underway.

11. Tenements and Homes: These dwellings crowd together within the walls, taking advantage of all available space. The buildings vary in quality; some appear well kept and house only one family, while others contain many families that have squeezed in together.

12. Temple: A temple is separated from the shops, homes, and tenements of Brandywood by a small hedge. The vine-covered walls of the temple rise high above the walls of Brandywood, and the spire’s tip appears to reach a full 100 feet above the ground. The symbol of an oak leaf gleams with its own emerald light above the grand archway leading into the temple.

13. Docks Gate: An inner wall, smaller than the walls surrounding Brandywood, separates the town’s northern dock district from the rest of the town. The gate between the two areas stands open and unguarded.

14. Docks: Several large log structures in the northeast section of Brandywood store the goods of merchants doing business in the town. By day, people bustle about the area, transferring barrels and crates between the storehouses and trade ships. The docks are small and allow only a limited number of ships to moor. Several small fishing boats vie with larger ships for space along the docks. By night, raucous noises issue from the pub situated along the west wall.

15. Lonely River Pub: The overwhelming odor of spirits and smoke wreathes this tavern. Calloused dockworkers and fishers drink and gamble away their pay. Wizened old men and women sip their ale in silence, waiting for an opportunity to tell a tale of the river.

16. Manor House: This grand manor house is a jewel of dwarven craftsmanship. The building includes its own stable, buttery, and servants’ home. The manor appears to be over two hundred years old, and it looks as though it might weather another two hundred.

17. Run down Tenement: This decrepit, abandoned tenement building sits dejectedly in Brandywood’s northwestern corner. No doors or windows keep out the elements or the squatters.


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